Jazz Guitar Amps

If you want to buy a good jazz guitar amps but worry about your budget, now you do not worry anymore, because we provide you with all kinds of jazz guitar amps with different prices.

But no more worry needed any longer. In order to help you with your decision making, we have tried many efforts to collect the best reviewed jazz guitar amps for you to choose from.

Just have a browse and you will certainly find something!

Best Value Jazz Guitar Amps

Electro Harmonix Headphone Amp Portable Practice Amp

The go anywhere Headphone Amp delivers a musical quality and attitude that defines the spirit of Electro-Harmonix. As uniquely musical as it is portable, the ultra-light Headphone Amp let’s you practice as loud or funky as you want without waking up your old lady.

Product Research
  • “This little amp sounds nice.” – Robert A. Merrihew
  • “And, I like that fact that the unit turns on & off when the headphones are plugged in or unplugged, respectively.” – CTSIA-100
  • “I don’t know how long a battery will last yet on it, but you are now warned, I guess.” – RobE

Pignose 7-200 HOG-20 Amplifier

Recharging Portable amp. The HOG-20′s front panel features include volume, tone and squeal overdrive/distortion controls, and a standard 1/4 input jack.

Product Research
  • “This is a great amp with great sound.” – Bill H Brooks
  • “Tone knob, volume, and the Pignose special Squeal knob, gives you lots of tonal options.” – Tony Lappico
  • “I have yet to hear a single one that sounds better than what I can get out of either Pignose I own.” – revkev

Fender 004-7483-000 '65 Deluxe Reverb/Super-Sonic 22 Combo Amplifier Cover - Black

Protect your investment with a fitted Fender amplifier cover. Covers are available in different colors and sizes to fit most Fender amplifiers and extension cabinets.

Fender Mini Tone Master

Great things come in small packages. These amps might be mini in stature but they are HUGE on tone! Just right for the bedroom, the living room, the hotel room, or backstage, and with the additional …

Expert Advice
  • “The little amp sounds good.” – lazlong
  • “I would recommend this to anyone needing a small practice amp, or for camping out also.” – Galen W. Rouse
  • “Full on crunch with the gain, or back off the gain and get a nice clean sound.” – Seth E. Mindel

Bugera  BC15 15-Watt Vintage Guitar Amp with 12AX7 Valve

BUGERA BC15Boutique-Style 30-Watt Class-A valve amplifier Combo with Reverb and Power AttenuatorExtremely versatile guitar amplifier with hand-selected 12AX7 valveAuthentic vintage design and classic guitar soundPowerful 30-Watt, 8 vintage-tuned guitar speaker2-channel tube preamp and wide-range gain control for super-fat sounds with all pickup typesDedicated 2-band EQ plus mid-shift button for creative sound shapingCD input allows you to play along to your favorite musicDedicated master level control and powerful headphone outputHigh-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long lifeThe BUGERA BC15 delivers real valve tone in a compact, 12-pound (5.

Expert Advice
  • “Awesome little amp with a huge sound and classic sound.” – frank
  • “Like last poster said” Buy this instead of any digital amp for your first amp.”" – James Doolen
  • “I’m surprised nobody has done a review on this.” – Vicente R. Delgado

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